Here at Anchor Baby Profiles, we strive to create the most accurate ‘amp in the room’ profiles which sound AND feel exactly as they should to the player and listener. We take our profiles from a huge variety of amps, from the widely available to the wildly obscure.

We use 3 sets of experienced ears and the best gear in a world class studio to create each profile. All of these profiles are tested through a variety of output equipment including studio monitors, FRFR PA speakers and various guitar cabs, ensuring the best possible tone from studio to stage.

Only profiles and tones that get all 3 of our votes make it to public release. Moreover, a majority of our profiles are also sent out to external players for beta testing on the road or in the studio, for critical feedback before release.

Whilst our eventual goal is to create a detailed and exhaustive collection of sounds from our forthcoming ‘focused packs’ – dealing with one amp at a time, we decided to start with our variety pack, The Anchor Baby Bag of Tricks. Anyone that struggles with option paralysis dealing with countless profiles that sound a tiny bit different, this pack will enable you spend less time tweaking and more time playing. We have only selected our absolute favourite sounds for a variety of amps that we think cover most tones for any gig or session.

We hope you enjoy using our sounds as much as we enjoyed creating them.